Bathroom Lighting

Having a soak in the bath or shower in Lincoln will be an altogether more pleasurable experience when you install lighting on your bathroom ceiling or wall. It may be one of the smallest rooms in your Lincoln home, but you will be taken aback by just how much James Oliver’s bathroom lighting solutions can change the whole atmosphere of your bathroom in an instant. The right choice of bathroom lighting can even make the room feel more spacious than it actually is.

Quality Interiors for Lincolnshire

Whether you’ve already been a customer of James Oliver before or you’re a first time visitor, we welcome you to the interiors section of our product offering. We may have a heritage in home improvements, but we understand that finishing off any home requires those stylish touches, which is why we offer a huge range of bathroom lighting.

Please explore our ranges and make an enquiry for more details. Want to come and see first hand? Please visit our Lincoln showroom.



Cyro Flush Ceiling – Large

Price: £72.00



Cyro Flush Ceiling – Small

Price: £55.00



Elba 5 Light Ceiling

Price: £90.00



Elba Double Wall Light

Price: £36.50



Elba Small Wall Light

Price: £22.00



Latitude Wall Light

Price: £69.50



Longitude Wall Light

Price: £69.50



Mantra Flush Ceiling

Price: £74.50



Neptune Large Motion Sensored Mirror

Price: £179.50



Neptune medium Motion Sensored Mirror

Price: £155.00



Neptune Small Motion Sensored Mirror

Price: £129.50



Pure 4 Light Ceiling

Price: £110.00



Pure 6 Light Ceiling

Price: £155.00



Pure Double Wall Light

Price: £69.50



Reflex 4 Light Ceiling

Price: £99.50



Reflex Double Wall Light

Price: £55.00



Reflex Single Wall Light

Price: £41.50



Riga Flush Ceiling- Large (Low Energy)

Price: £76.50



Riga Flush Ceiling- Small (Low Energy)

Price: £55.00



Zenia Mirror with Shaver Socket

Price: £265.00



Formula Flush Ceiling

Price: £75.00