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    Solid Roofs

Quality Bespoke Orangeries

With over 25 years experience in building bespoke orangeries across Lincolnshire & the East Midlands, we'll make home improvement an enjoyable experience.

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An Incredible Room you can use all Year Round

Orangeries can transform the functionality and image of your home entirely. Whether you use yours as a comfortable living area with dining room, or as an area to entertain guests, our versatile bespoke orangeries allow you the freedom to build whatever you want with the ability to change how its used, as often as you like. Adding an orangery to your home means you have all the benefits of a conservatory with glass roof and lots of windows, but with the extra solidity of brick walls. Therefore, you can enjoy the space in all weathers as the heat will be regulated come rain or shine.


The freedom to get what you want

As one of the most respected producers and installers of cheap bespoke orangeries in Lincolnshire, here at James Oliver Home Improvements we are proud to have been helping local homeowners for over 25 years. To reflect the incredible versatility of orangeries, we can customise your bespoke conservatory in almost any way you want, including energy efficient frames, thermal glazing, self-cleaning windows, Wi-Fi and extra plug sockets. As a local, family-run business, we understand the need to reduce how much bespoke orangeries cost. This is why we strive to offer the lowest bespoke orangeries prices, whilst never compromising on quality or materials.

Choose between a traditional or sculptured frame…

It’s only when you take a closer look at the different frames available and touch them that you appreciate the dimensions and contours that they possess. Once you’ve done that you will be able to make a clear judgement on which frame you prefer and want for your future orangery.


So that you can use your orangery at your own leisure and in supreme comfort it is essential that it is properly energy efficient. An orangery constructed from UPVC will afford you such luxury as it will ensure that the effects of the weather will remain on the outside of the structure. It is also completely weather-resistant and needs no looking after.


You will understandably want your orangery to be reliable enough to last for many years and remain in pristine condition during that time. It undoubtedly will do if you choose to have it constructed from aluminium as it is a highly robust material that is resilient enough to see of everything that’s thrown at it. Aluminium has fast grown in popularity as a material for orangery construction also because it’s so easy to mould and when crafted into slim sightlines can accommodate large pieces of glass.


Timber-built orangeries were the norm back in the 17th Century, but they’ve decreased in popularity in recent years, predominantly because wood is a poor insulator and tends to lose its appearance because of weathering. We have come up with a solution by establishing the Heritage range, a contemporary collection that shares the looks of traditional timber, but provides a far greater level of energy efficiency.

A door will add another dimension to the design…

Being able to flit in and out of your orangery into the garden is possible when you integrate a door into the initial design. You can also use it as a source of ventilation on those overly warm days so that your enjoyment of the orangery isn’t disturbed and you have the most gorgeous perspective of the outdoor environment. There are three door solutions you can choose from to include in your brand new orangery.

Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors have a unique charm about them and it’s predominantly thanks to those beautiful crafted door leafs that combine to make one incredibly stunning door. Each time you gently push the doors, they effortlessly fold and slide and help expose your orangery to the outdoors. When fully open, they generate one giant opening, something that you can’t do with many other door options.

Patio Doors

Patio doors aren’t just fit for connecting home and garden, but they can also be used as a method of interlinking orangery and garden too. They will make the garden so accessible from the orangery and it takes just a matter of seconds and very little effort to help them glide from one side of the track to the other. You will find them to be invaluable for large parts of the year.

French Doors

French doors will add supreme elegance to your orangery as everything from the glazing to the intricately designed frames is beautiful. You will gain an immense amount of pleasure from operating them each time you want to swap environments so that you can sit outside in the sunshine in the garden or on the patio. They’ll also help ventilate your orangery on those really warm summer days.

Choose from a range of roof options…

The roof of the orangery is as important, if not more important, than any other element of the design. Without a solid performing roof you cannot expect the interior to be thermally efficient. You can choose from 3 different forms of orangery roof at James Oliver; the Classic Roof, Cornice Roof and Lantern Roof. Each of them has their own individual attributes.

Classic Roof

You just know that you can’t go wrong with a classic orangery roof. The classic roof has been used in orangery designs for generations and that will continue to be the case because of its ability to heat orangeries and keep the structure shielded from the weather. It looks plain and simple but has a stylishness that you can’t help but admire.

Cornice Roof

Revel in the opportunity of choosing the right roof for your orangery and make sure that you give due consideration to the cornice roof. It can be seamlessly added to the structure so that it looks complementary to the brickwork walls and you can have it coated in one of several sparkling finishes. From the outside and inside, the cornice roof will be a major highlight.

Lantern Roof

Depending on who you talk to, some will call it an atrium roof, whilst others, as we do, refer to it as a Lantern roof. Either way, it is notorious for the high level of energy efficiency that it provides and has been beautifully detailed throughout so that it adds further character to the orangery. Who knew that orangery roofs could be so enticing?

A quality colour is the perfect finishing touch…

Put aside plenty of time to examine the full range of orangery colours available as you need to ensure that your chosen finish works perfectly with the rest of the house. We expect that you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much choice there is as James Oliver has one of the widest selections of colours in the region. This even includes a number of timber effect finishes for those who love the look of wood.

UPVC Colours

Compared to a few years ago when your only options would be black, white and brown, there is now a much broader selection of UPVC colours. We have developed some incredibly stylish modern finishes such as Chartwell Green which you can’t help but be enticed by. The other attractive asset of our UPVC colours is that they don’t require any upkeep because they’re all completely weather-resistant.

Aluminium Colours

A lot of effort has gone into making sure that our aluminium-based colours look extremely authentic. How have we achieved it? By making sure that each finish undergoes a stringent 11-stage powder-coating process. This process is what gives each aluminium colour that rich texture and realistic detailing. We can even transform your aluminium frame into something that looks like timber via a woodgrain finish in Oak, Rosewood and Walnut.

Heritage Colours

Our Heritage range is for those who desire an orangery that has an uncanny likeness to the original orangeries of the 17th Century. We have used the traditional orangery design as a template when developing the Heritage design and complemented it by producing a number of typical Heritage colours such as Painswick, Cotswold Biscuit and Chartwell Green. The hardware has also been painstakingly recreated for added authenticity.

Orangeries done differently for the East Midlands

We have a 30 year heritage in building conservatories and orangeries, so we know what we’re doing. We’re very proud of the quality of our products which are designed and manufactured using the latest technology, but that isn’t what makes us different. What makes us even prouder is the service we provide to our customers. Our number one objective is to make home improvements, such as a new orangery, an enjoyable experience. Deciding to invest in a new orangery can be a daunting task, so we’re here to make the whole journey easier. Take a look below for more reasons why James Oliver are the right company for you.

No Pressure Sales

The windows, conservatories and orangeries market is tarnished by a reputation for aggressive sales techniques, which can include pushy salesmen, guilt tripping techniques and dynamic pricing. You will never get that from James Oliver. Our sales teamed are trained and motivated to be not only fully transparent, but to make  our customers at ease with the options available to them. They won’t stay any longer than they need to and won’t force you into decisions that you’re not comfortable with – guaranteed!

Designed for you

A really important ethos of our business is to make the customer feel comfortable with their home improvement decisions. Our experts are there to help you make great decisions from all the options available to you, whether that be shape, style, colour, material or finishes. This is a big investment, you need to be sure that everything is right for your personality and the character of your home. We’ll provide you with all the options and give you our expert advice, but will never force decisions that aren’t right.

Hassle Free

Our services and installations teams are driven by the same objectives to make the experience an enjoyable one, which comes from a number of important considerations. Firstly, we ensure that the plans and schedules for your conservatory installation are fully communicated and in line with your own needs and requirements. Secondly, we always ensure that our installations are completed swiftly and efficiently. Nobody wants a project that lasts for weeks or months without signs of completion. Finally, our teams always clear up after themselves ensuring that no mess is left behind, meaning that all you’re left with is a new conservatory that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Planning permission & building regulations…

Very few proposed orangery designs flout planning permission requirements so generally you won’t have to worry about it. It is still essential to check beforehand whether prior permission is required from the necessary local authority, just as it is make sure that it adheres to the building regulations in place. The team at James Oliver will take care of these obligations on your behalf.

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Here’s how to get the dream orangery…

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of purchasing an orangery for your home. There are numerous considerations that need to be made before the installation gets underway, but the team at James Oliver will gently guide you through the entire process from start to finish. The knowledge our consultants have acquired over the years will demonstrate that you’re in very safe hands.


Determining where your orangery is best positioned will depend upon when you are most likely to use it. We also help decide by visiting your home and assessing whether it’s best facing north or east so that it feels light and bright early in the day, or south or west as that way it will come to life indoors towards the back end of the day. Once we have made a clear judgement on the location of the orangery we will also settle on which type of glazing it needs to stay energy efficient.


There are limitless possibilities in terms of how your orangery can function. Pick what type of functionality suits your lifestyle best and then communicate those requirements to us so that we can design and arrange the orangery to your exacting needs. Your preference may also necessitate the inclusion of important extras such as Wi-Fi and strategically placed plug sockets, something we can similarly take care of.


Before giving the final green light to your orangery design make sure that you talk through the many accessories available with one of our consultants. They will point you in the direction of the accessories that your new home extension may require and then implement them into it. Every orangery needs those all-important finishing touches.


James Oliver prides itself on offering a thorough and all-encompassing service from beginning to end. This is reflected in the quote we will provide to you and we hope that you will agree that we provide exceptional value for money. It is totally understandable that you may want to obtain quotes from rival firms. However, we firmly believe that you will struggle to get a price that assures you of a similar level of quality workmanship.


We do a huge amount of testing at our factory to ensure that everything that comes off our production line is of a sufficient quality for our customers. We acknowledge though that there will be the very odd occasion when a product fails in some way. Should this happen you will have the peace of mind of knowing that it’s backed by a lengthy guarantee, meaning any issues will be rectified.

See some of our bespoke orangery projects

Take a look through the bespoke orangery projects we’ve completed for some of our previous happy customers, or visit our projects page for a broader look of other types of projects

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Why Choose us?


When it comes to conservatories and orangeries, here at James Oliver Home Improvements we are very proud of our excellent local reputation. Manufacturing and installing on average over 300 conservatories and orangeries in the Lincolnshire and East Midlands region every year, we have the experience and expertise to help you get the right conservatory for you quickly and affordably.

So confident are we of the quality and durability of our materials, as well as the experience and expertise of our fitters, that we offer a 10 year guarantee across our fantastic range of conservatories, windows, doors and orangeries. Over 17,000 sq. feet in size, our fantastic Lincoln showroom features the biggest selection of full-sized conservatories, doors and windows on display in the area. Fully workable, our displays are designed to allow you to see, touch and feel the quality of our products for yoursel.