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Beautiful Bi-Folding Doors

We'll make buying bi-folding doors an enjoyable experience. No pushy salesmen, honest pricing and lots of choice for all of Lincolnshire & the East Midlands

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Will Transform Your Home with Bi-folding Doors

Created to maximise viewing and create an effortless transition from inside your home to outside, bi-fold doors are a fantastic addition to any home. Allowing wide-open spaces and natural light to flood into your home, our range of bi-folding doors will transform how you use your home. Created to fit any sized space, with designs from two-door leaf upwards, bi-folding doors allow you to instantly change the entire dynamics of your home with just a simple push. From bringing the outside into your home to creating useful new living spaces by separating existing rooms, bi-folding doors can be installed anywhere in your home; providing you with endless possibilities.


Doors with Limitless Options

Providing market-leading energy-efficiency, increased sunlight and incredible security, bi-folding doors are perhaps unrivalled in terms of the benefits they provide. As such, more and more people are choosiing these doors for their home and conservatories. As one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers and installers of bi-folding doors in Lincolnshire, we offer a wide-variety of designs, expert installation and the lowest bi-fold doors prices around. Always striving to reduce how much bi-folding doors cost, we do everything we can to provide cheap bi-folding doors that do not compromise on quality or materials

Open and close with unique grace…

You will never have got so much pleasure from opening and closing a door like you do with a bi-folding door. Each of the individual door leafs slides and folds which is all the more surprising when you consider how large the frames stretch. You barely have to put any effort in to do it either as even the lightest of pushes will do. A brush on one end of the track helps make sure that they continue to offer easy operation.

They offer so many different plus points…

 Most homes can accommodate a set of bi-folds as they can be integrated into small spaces, or at least they can be when you buy them from James Oliver. Our design experts will produce a suitably sized design that fits in perfectly with your home set-up to make it one of the key features of the house.

Easy Slide

Our bi-folding doors almost glide along the stainless steel runner and do so with only the tiniest of pushes necessary. We anticipate that you will be surprised by just how light the door leafs are and how simple it is to create the opening you want. The track remains free from any dirt and grime because of the inclusion of a small brush on one end of it.


There are very few limits to what you can do with bi-folding doors. You can really take things to the extreme and have a six-pane design that spans a considerable length, or keep things simple and opt for a two-pane long bi-folding door. Inform of your preferences and we will bring the design you have dreamed up in your mind to life by configuring it accordingly.

Finishes & Colours

There’s no disputing that a bi-folding door looks good in any colour but there may be certain finishes that suit your home more than others. At James Oliver we’ve done our best to produce an extensive colour range consisting of a number of classic finishes and woodgrain effects. You can even have them transformed into a timber-like state by having an Oak, Walnut or Rosewood woodgrain applied.

Compatible with a number of home projects…


You automatically associate bi-folding doors with being a gateway between homes and gardens; however they can be installed in other areas of the home. Integrate them into a new or existing conservatory so that you can make a stylish exit into the garden whenever the heat of the sun proves irresistible. When the good old British weather takes a turn for the worse you can always use them to quickly retreat back indoors.


To create an ‘L’ shape formation within your orangery contemplate having bi-folding doors fitted at two ends of the structure. They will make your home extension that bit more spectacular and you will find yourself utilising them on a regular basis once you become accustomed to how useful they are.


Maintain the separate identities of important rooms within your house by installing a set of bi-folding doors between them. Keep lounging and dining to two clearly identifiable environments by creating a stylish boundary between your living area and dining room. You can also have them fitted in other places in the house such as between a swimming pool and indoor gymnasium.


There are limitless opportunities when you choose to have bi-folding doors fitted. For starters, the number of openings you create is substantial enough for you have an option for anytime of the year. You can increase that figure by having a seven-pane design created. We even let you change to a conventional opening like a standard hinged door by allowing you to include a ‘passenger door’.


Expect bi-folding doors to confound your expectations due to the simply way they slide and fold. Because they’re incredibly light, you only need to use a two-fingered push to set them running along the stainless steel track. No other type of door offers such an unbelievably effortless operation.


If your home looks at all dated then there are a whole host of things you can do to modernise it and installing bi-folding doors is one of the best ideas. They have an almost futuristic look about them and visitors will hardly believe their eyes when they see how elegantly they work from side-to-side.

See some of our bi-fold door projects

Take a look through the projects we’ve completed for some of our happy customers that include bi-fold doors, or visit our projects page for a broader look of other project types

Woodgrain Orangery with Bifold Doors

A beautiful traditional orangery with bifold doors and strong low maintenance UPVC material – topped with elegant Cornice moulding and lantern roof that lets in a...


Bifold Doors on Extension

This country home extension features bifold doors, which means entering and exiting the property is simple and the range of movement in the doors opens the...


Bifold & Front Door

This brown bifold door and front composite door are constructed using aluminium, meaning they offer maximum security. The customer wanted a bespoke composite door, which could...


Modern Solid Roof Orangery

The dark grey finish on this contemporary solid roof orangery gives off a very modern feel. This option involves bi-folding doors and wall to ceiling windows...


Cream Orangery with Bifold Doors

The customer was in need of a large dining space to hold guests so we provided them with a cream Edwardian, lean-to orangery with bi-fold doors....


Lean To Conservatory

A super stylish glass fronted grey conservatory is the perfect modern addition to any home. You can access full view of your outside space through the...


Cream Aluminium Windows & Doors

Cream aluminium window and door frames are a contemporary spin on a classic style. Complements a range of fittings from bi-folding and French patio doors to...


Extension with Aluminium Bifold Doors

This unique extension with windows and bifold doors made from grey aluminium brilliantly complements this family home. The roof windows and fully expanding doors let in...


Double Lantern Roof Orangery

A unique double-lantern roof traditional orangery with white UPVC trims and casement windows. 2 sets of Bi-Fold doors give a traditional orangery a more modern feel...


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