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    Solid Roofs

Stunning Garden Rooms

We make garden room creation an enjoyable experience. No pushy salesmen, honest pricing and lots of choice for all of Lincolnshire & the East Midlands

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A Unique Entrance into Your Garden

A garden room is a robust, spacious alternative to a traditional conservatory and bridges the gap between the home and garden. Their solid walls and tiled roof provide strength whilst energy efficient windows and skylights bring light and a feeling of airiness to the space. We can design your garden room to suit whatever look you want to go for, whether that be a seamless transition into your existing home or a bold contrast in a contemporary style. Our plans can be adapted to suit all your needs, from extending one of your current rooms, to creating a stand-alone garden room, these structures are incredibly versatile and can be used for almost any purpose.


An Incredible Room to Relax in

Due to the nature of a garden room- it being a transitional area from home to garden- the energy efficiency gained is unrivalled. Using state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques, your home will have improved warmth for a lot less money. All our garden rooms now come installed with UltraRoof, a brand new technology in tiled, energy-efficient solid roofs. With no structural tie bars or costly steel-work, UltraRoof is constructed of only fundamental separate parts and therefore is easily changeable for your preferred shape or design. It is quicker and easier to install than other roof systems, enabling us to keep a low price. There is also the unique added feature of incorporating made-to-measure glass panels into your design, allowing your room to be flooded with natural light and pretty views.

A roofing solution that continually repays you…


Your conservatory should be capable of adjusting to the outside temperature so that you can enjoy its surrounds as and when you want. A solid roof will give you this luxury as the insulation it provides is second to none. The roof contains an insulated plywood and rigid insulation board to help make this possible. It will never let you down.

Solid Look & Feel

Solid performance with a solid feel, that’s what you get from a solid roof. Because of its solidity, it won’t just keep your conservatory cosy, but it will also reduce external noise levels from traffic and adverse weather from disrupting the time you spend inside it. Any natural sunlight lost as a consequence of its installation will have very little negative impact on how bright it feels.

Simple Fit

We pre-fabricate our solid roofs so that very little work has to be done at your home. It can be seamlessly added onto your conservatory in just a matter of hours with the minimum of disruption caused during the installation.

Choose from one of two internal finishes…

Painted plasterboard and a timber clad finish are the two types of internal finish you can have at James Oliver. The former tends to be popular amongst those who love a simple, yet classic effect, whilst the latter option adds both warmth and richness to the space, particularly during the coldest months of the year. Ask one of our design consultants to see an example of both.

Centre pivot windows can be a great feature…

Customers appreciate our honesty when we tell them that a solid roof installation will lead to the loss of some natural sunlight from their conservatory. This can easily be overcome by including roof windows in the design which when either left open or closed will transmit much of the sun inside. They’re also useful for helping keep the structure ventilated in the summertime.

Our solid roofs come in two different varieties…

Lightweight Tile

Our lightweight tiles come provided in colours of green, red, umber, ebony and charcoal. When replacing your old roof for a solid roof make sure that you choose a similar colour so that the new roof suits your home as much as the old one.

Lightweight Slate

As time progresses traditional slates tend to take something of a battering from the weather and lose their initial toughness and aesthetic appeal. We have resolved this by creating lightweight slates that look like the real thing, but completely outdo them in terms of enduring strength and resilience. They can be finished in black, brick red, pewter grey, plum and a stone colour.

Complement your solid roof to your roof tiles…

A solid roof should look like it’s always been a part of your home. This will only be the case if you choose an appropriate colour for your solid roof tiles to help it blend in. We have several finishes that will likely be near identical to the colour of any roof tiles so finding a solution should be easy.

See some of our garden room projects

Take a look through the garden room projects we’ve completed for some of our previous happy customers, or visit our projects page for a broader look of other types of projects

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Bespoke Solid Roof Orangery

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Modern Solid Roof Orangery

The dark grey finish on this contemporary solid roof orangery gives off a very modern feel. This option involves bi-folding doors and wall to ceiling windows...


Why Choose Us?


With over 25 years of local experience in and around Lincolnshire and the Easy Midlands region, we offer unrivalled local expertise and the biggest selection of garden rooms for sale in the area. All of our products are manufactured exclusively for us by our Conservatory Outlet Fabricator. Using only the very best materials and latest manufacturing techniques, we have full control over the entire design, manufacturing and installation process. Our aim is to provide the best quality product to you, at a minimal price, as we understand the importance of cost when choosing your garden room.