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    Solid Roofs

Solid Roof Replacement

We'll make conservatory roof replacements an enjoyable experience. No pushy salesmen, honest pricing and lots of choice for all of Lincolnshire & the East Midlands

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Modernise with Solid Roof Replacement

If your conservatory has bad heat regulation and you find it too hot or too cold depending on weather, a solid roof replacement may be the ideal solution for you. Your old conservatory will feel brand new with a replacement roof, and you will appreciate the difference in energy efficiency as well as finding new ways to use your space. Using the latest materials that are durable and modern, your replacement conservatory roof will enable your home to stay warm for longer, making your bills much cheaper. Additionally, your structure will be transformed with a new lease of life as you choose from one of our many designs.


A Revolutionary Roof System

We understand the importance of a quick and seamless process when it comes to any home improvement, which is why we create each roof replacement using the Guardian Warm Roof ™system. This incredible system allows us to retain your original doors, windows, walls and frames whilst removing and replacing the roof. This enables you to modify the existing structure without having too big of an impact on cost or lifestyle. Providing amazing improvements in noise reduction and energy efficiency, the Guardian Warm Roof ™ system is also available in various, flexible designs and styles.

The most reliable conservatory roof…


Don’t just give up on your conservatory when it neglects to provide the thermal insulation that it did at the time of its original installation. Replacing the roof for a solid roof will be the answer to your conservatory woes as once assimilated into your old conservatory it will significantly improve energy efficiency and maintain a consistently comfortable temperature.


Many conservatories throughout the country sit unused because they get too hot in summer and too cold in winter. It’s literally a waste of space and the finger of blame can be directly pointed at the conservatory roof. Once the roof stops performing it inevitably becomes inhabitable. However, simply exchanging that roof for a solid roof can solve the issue. If you’re buying a brand new conservatory then you can have a solid roof installed from the very beginning rather than have it fitted retrospectively. We highly recommend it in either instance as it will keep it cosy or cool. It is particularly useful for conservatories that don’t have full brick height walls and a standard roof wrapper.


The double-ended Edwardian orangery is one of the best configurations for a solid roof installation. The roof can also be adapted to include other useful features such as mounted spotlights or centre pivot windows to help draw even more light into the space. Its primary role though is to ensure that the weather never gets the better of any type of orangery.


The clamour for extending rather than moving in recent years has led to the development of several other forms of home extension. Our solid roof is compatible with any home extension and comes either as lightweight tiles or lightweight slates depending on your preference. Despite how light they are, they perform to an outstanding standard.


If you have a porch attached to your home it is important that it doesn’t allow any coldness from the outdoors to force its way indoors. Attaching a solid roof to the porch will prevent the likelihood of this happening and help it stand firm in the face of any cold draughts or extreme weather conditions.

A roofing solution that continually repays you…


Your conservatory should be capable of adjusting to the outside temperature so that you can enjoy its surrounds as and when you want. A solid roof will give you this luxury as the insulation it provides is second to none. The roof contains an insulated plywood and rigid insulation board to help make this possible. It will never let you down.

Solid Look & Feel

Solid performance with a solid feel, that’s what you get from a solid roof. Because of its solidity, it won’t just keep your conservatory cosy, but it will also reduce external noise levels from traffic and adverse weather from disrupting the time you spend inside it. Any natural sunlight lost as a consequence of its installation will have very little negative impact on how bright it feels.

Simple Fit

We pre-fabricate our solid roofs so that very little work has to be done at your home. It can be seamlessly added onto your conservatory in just a matter of hours with the minimum of disruption caused during the installation.

Choose from one of two internal finishes…

Painted plasterboard and a timber clad finish are the two types of internal finish you can have at James Oliver. The former tends to be popular amongst those who love a simple, yet classic effect, whilst the latter option adds both warmth and richness to the space, particularly during the coldest months of the year. Ask one of our design consultants to see an example of both.

Centre pivot windows can be a great feature…

Customers appreciate our honesty when we tell them that a solid roof installation will lead to the loss of some natural sunlight from their conservatory. This can easily be overcome by including roof windows in the design which when either left open or closed will transmit much of the sun inside. They’re also useful for helping keep the structure ventilated in the summertime.

Our solid roofs come in two different varieties…

Lightweight Tile

Our lightweight tiles come provided in colours of green, red, umber, ebony and charcoal. When replacing your old roof for a solid roof make sure that you choose a similar colour so that the new roof suits your home as much as the old one.

Lightweight Slate

As time progresses traditional slates tend to take something of a battering from the weather and lose their initial toughness and aesthetic appeal. We have resolved this by creating lightweight slates that look like the real thing, but completely outdo them in terms of enduring strength and resilience. They can be finished in black, brick red, pewter grey, plum and a stone colour.

Complement your solid roof to your roof tiles…

A solid roof should look like it’s always been a part of your home. This will only be the case if you choose an appropriate colour for your solid roof tiles to help it blend in. We have several finishes that will likely be near identical to the colour of any roof tiles so finding a solution should be easy.

See some of our solid roof replacement projects

Take a look through the solid roof replacement projects we’ve completed for some of our previous happy customers, or visit our projects page for a broader look of other types of projects

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Why Choose Us?


As a local, family-run business with over 25 years of local experience, here at James Oliver Home Improvements we understand the importance of product quality, customer service and unbeatable value for money. Manufacturing and installing on average over 300 conservatories and orangeries in the Lincolnshire and East Midlands region every year, we have the experience and expertise to help you get the right conservatory for you quickly and affordably.

All of our products are manufactured exclusively for us by our Conservatory Outlet fabricator. So confident are we of the quality and durability of our materials, as well as the experience and expertise of our fitters, that we offer a 10 year guarantee across our fantastic range of conservatories, windows, doors and orangeries.