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T-shape orangeries are one of the largest, grandest types of orangeries available. Featuring a large, central section that extends into your garden, a t-shaped orangery effortlessly brings the outside into your home. The unique design allows you to create two distinct living spaces; be it a dining room and play area or an extension to an existing room. By creating extra space inside your home and an elegant, stylish addition to its outside, a t-shaped orangery will not only increase the value of your home but also make it much more desirable to potential buyers. From redesigning existing rooms to creating an entirely new one, a t-shaped orangery provides you with the freedom to choose what it is and how it is used again and again.

The versatility of t-shaped orangeries means you can choose between Victorian, Gable, and Edwardian in terms of style. Furthermore, you can decide how big or small each of the sections are; as well as whether they are straight-sided, three or even five-faceted. As one of the leading manufacturers and installers of t-shaped orangeries in Lincolnshire, we offer huge choice and the lowest t-shaped orangeries prices around. Understanding the importance of how much t-shaped conservatories cost, we do everything we can to provide cheap t-shaped orageries that do not compromise on quality or materials.

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Orangeries done differently for the East Midlands

We have a 30 year heritage in building orangeries, so we know what we’re doing. We’re very proud of the quality of our products which are designed and manufactured using the latest technology, but that isn’t what makes us different. What makes us even prouder is the service we provide to our customers. Our number one objective is to make home improvements, such as a new orangery, an enjoyable experience. Deciding to invest in a new orangery can be a daunting task, so we’re here to make the whole journey easier. Take a look below for more reasons why James Oliver are the right company for you.


No Pressure Sales

The windows and orangeries market is tarnished by a reputation for aggressive sales techniques, which can include pushy salesmen, guilt tripping techniques and dynamic pricing. You will never get that from James Oliver. Our sales teamed are trained and motivated to be not only fully transparent, but to make  our customers at ease with the options available to them. They won’t stay any longer than they need to and won’t force you into decisions that you’re not comfortable with – guaranteed!

Designed for you

A really important ethos of our business is to make the customer feel comfortable with their home improvement decisions. Our experts are there to help you make great decisions from all the options available to you, whether that be shape, style, colour, material or finishes. This is a big investment, you need to be sure that everything is right for your personality and the character of your home. We’ll provide you with all the options and give you our expert advice, but will never force decisions that aren’t right.

Hassle Free

Our services and installations teams are driven by the same objectives to make the experience an enjoyable one, which comes from a number of important considerations. Firstly, we ensure that the plans and schedules for your orangery installation are fully communicated and in line with your own needs and requirements. Secondly, we always ensure that our installations are completed swiftly and efficiently. Nobody wants a project that lasts for weeks or months without signs of completion. Finally, our teams always clear up after themselves ensuring that no mess is left behind, meaning that all you’re left with is a new conservatory that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

A door will become an integral part of your orangery…

Once you become adjusted to orangery living even the lure of the outdoors sometimes won’t be enough to entice you away from it. However, when the sun is shining it’s best to go and enjoy the outdoors, so why not make it easier for yourself by integrating a stylish set of doors into the design that provide a direct link to the garden.

Bi-folding Doors

Who knew doors could be so elegant? The Bi-Fold door has been beautifully engineered and consists of a number of gorgeous door leafs that fold and slide unbelievably gracefully. Because of how their designed and the way they operate, you can create various different openings which gives you all sorts of options when you want to somehow eliminate the barrier between the indoors and outdoors.

Patio Doors

We supply the most spacious orangeries but you can make your orangery seemingly feel even large inside by including a set of patio doors. Just a small sweeping movement will leave them ajar and bring the extension and the garden that bit closer together. Because they contain large expanses of glass, they will also transfer in a significant amount of natural sunlight in the daytime.

French Doors

We guarantee that you couldn’t love your conservatory more than when it’s equipped with some stylish French doors. They are immaculately designed in every respect and have an endless charm about them that never seems to diminish. Another of their key-selling points is the fact that they feature a double opening, allowing you to really stretch out your conservatory design on those hot, sunny days.

Traditional and contemporary framing share an equal level of stylishness…

 It is only until you get a closer look at the different orangery frames available that you can appreciate the styling that goes into them. It’s the contours and dimensions within each frame that separates them from one another and you may find that you get a liking for a particular frame after such consideration. Just tell us what you like and we will utilise the frame in the final orangery design.


UPVC is a perfect choice of material for orangery construction as it is highly energy efficient, weather-resistant and strong enough to withstand prolonged inclement weather. Because of its thermally efficient properties, you know when sat inside that it will feel cosy and warm around the clock, even when temperatures outside are below the norm.


All of our conservatories are built to last, particularly our aluminium orangeries as aluminium is one of the earth’s toughest materials. Despite its toughness, aluminium can be moulded and crafted with ease in the design process, which is why it boasts those incredibly sleek sightlines and immaculate framing. The slightness of the frame used means that you get an abundance of natural sunlight bursting through the entire structure.


Conservatories were traditionally constructed from timber, which whilst no doubt very aesthetically-pleasing, would gradually deteriorate over time and lead to the conservatory becoming inhabitable and unsightly. Despite the flaws of timber, people still love its styling. We have cleverly recreated the timber look in our Heritage range and adapted it so that it never succumbs to wear and tear and needs none of the tiresome maintenance that timber requires. It really does bear an uncanny likeness to real wood, without the headaches.

Exceptional roof performance for your conservatory is key…

Unless you have a roof that performs exceptionally well, you cannot expect a orangery to offer the energy efficiency you need throughout the year. We have a selection of roof coverings at James Oliver that promise to shield the orangery from all forms of weather and limit the noise caused by rain and sleet bouncing on its exterior. A good roof always makes for a great conservatory.


Polycarbonate roofs have maintained their popularity because they’re fantastically good at retaining heat and keeping out the cold. You can have it applied in sheets of 25mm and 35mm, depending on the overall size of the structure, and can also request the inclusion of foil inserts within the roof. Colour wise you can elect to have it finished in bronze and opal, or keep it transparent with a clear finish.


The gorgeousness of a glass roof is something that you’ll never tire of looking up at and admiring. It’s quite therapeutic being able to watch what’s going on in the skies above, so the last thing you will want to do is have to clean the glass roof every few months. You won’t need to when you choose to have self-cleaning glass as it can look after itself and remain free of dirt without any effort on your part.

Solid Roof

It’s deemed a solid roof with good reason. The solid roof offers solid performance and will protect your orangery from the elements. It is highly recommended to those who wish to gain an immense amount of privacy each time they utilise the space. We’re always open with our customers so please be advised that some natural sunlight will be lost when you choose a solid roof, but this can always be overcome with strategically placed spotlights and roof windows.

The coloured orangery you always wanted is here…

You need to get the exact right finish for your brand new orangery so that it brings out the best in the design and matches with your home. You shouldn’t have a problem managing to find something suitable as we have an enormously broad colour palette at James Oliver. Our traditional finishes of cream, light oak and woodgrain have managed to retain their popularity simply because they’re enduring classics that people never tire of.

Planning permission & building regulations…

We would never progress with a orangery installation until we were completely sure that it abides by the building regulations and doesn’t require prior planning permission from your local authority. More of often than not, most orangery installations meet the guidelines laid out and can go ahead pretty quickly.

For help & advice call 0808 256 1260

We make orangery buying easy…

 With a name like James Oliver Conservatories you’d expect us to know orangeries inside out, and we’re pleased to say that we do. The experience we have acquired over the years means that we can provide invaluable advice and guidance in relation to every aspect of the design and installation processes. We also welcome you communicating any ideas that you may have yourself as we’re always happy to accommodate any special requests.


The precise location of your conservatory will depend on when you plan on using it most frequently during the day. It will be positioned in accordance with your intentions so that it feels light and warm at appropriate times. A quick discussion with one of our consultants will give you a fuller understanding of where the structure is best situated at the rear of your home.


It’s the multi-functionality of an orangery that encourages people to have one fitted at their home. Amongst the many purposes it can serve is as an additional living or dining area, home office or playroom for the kids. Once you have settled on its main functionality simply tell us and we will construct and accessorise it to meet with your new room requirements.


There are countless different orangery accessories you can incorporate into your design and it is recommended that you assess them all to decide which you do and don’t need. Try not to be overwhelmed by the depth of choice you have in relation to accessories as we will be there to assist you.


Once discussions on the final intended design have concluded we will put together a quote. Please don’t feel rushed to make a final decision on whether you go ahead or otherwise. What we will say is that we believe we offer fantastic value for money and are extremely competitive in the local area. For added assurance of our reliability just speak to family and friends.


We are immensely confident that you will be delighted with the final product supplied to you by James Oliver Home Improvements. We back up everything we sell with an extensive guarantee which covers you in the event that anything goes wrong in the future. However, we firmly believe that your new conservatory will serve you well for years to come without any major hitches.

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Our Orangeries Range

Traditional Orangeries

Accentuate the classical beauty of your home with a traditional orangery that will act as the perfect space for you to relax in.

Loggia Orangeries

Versatile and hardwearing, Loggia conservatories bring a breath of fresh air to your home and easily make your space more comfortable.

Hybrid Orangeries

Giving you extra space and excellent quality, our hybrid orangeries give you the added benefit of large glass windows and roofs.

Contemporary Orangeries

For a modern addition to your home our contemporary orangeries help to provide extra space without missing out on style.

Bespoke Orangeries

For something that’s exactly what you need, our bespoke orangeries can tick all of your boxes, made specifically to your requirements.

T-Shape Orangeries

Ideal for properties where a longer orangery can be built, t-shaped orangeries promise to make the most of your space.