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UltraRoofs are the perfect solution for your home extensions or conservatories. Whether you are simply looking for a replacement roof on an existing extension or are building a brand new project, the UltraRoof offers an abundance of benefits which surpasses an ordinary conservatory roof. It incorporates a solid tiled roof system with areas of glazing, this offers an unparalleled level of thermal efficiency, while still giving you the sky views and outdoorsy feel of a regular conservatory.

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Gable Conservatory

A solid roof gable conservatory is a highly popular home solution due to its rectangular shape, which provides an abundance of space, but also plenty of natural light to flood the area. A Gable conservatory with an UltraRoof can provide homeowners with high levels of thermal insulation and comfort all year round. This solid roof also features a plastered internal finish, which can come with glazing so you still have views of the outside. The simple 2-facet design of a gable conservatory allows a simple and quick installation of the UltraRoof slates. These slates are available in grey, brown and red to complement your home perfectly. You can also customise your UltraRoof with its glass panels, which can be positioned centrally or offset according to your tastes. However, you can also choose to have no glass panels if you’d like to create a comfier ambience.

Lean-To Conservatory

Lean-to conservatories have a sloping roof which provides an expanse of space that is ideal for an UltraRoof. This 1-facet roof design can proudly display your chosen roof slates, while allowing extensive sky views. Our roof slates for a lean-to conservatory are available in grey, brown or red, and each reveal the authentic texture and plateaux of the engineered, low-maintenance roof covering. If you opt for glazing to be incorporated in your UltraRoof, we have different tints for you to choose from, including clear, aqua, blue and bronze to complement your home. Each type of glass we offer is specifically designed to retain heat, keeping you warm throughout winter but not too hot during the summer months.

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian conservatories have a traditional rectangular structure which echoes the style of the Edwardian era. When accompanied with a typical polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof, this style tends to look a little archaic. An easy solution to revitalise an Edwardian conservatory is to install an UltraRoof. This can replace your existing conservatory roof, while allowing you to still keep your current windows, doors and base. With an Edwardian conservatory, the front facet of the UltraRoof usually consists of the solid roof tiling, while the sides can feature glass panels of your choosing. This combination of slates and glass gives you both thermal insulation and natural light, as well as sky views that you can enjoy all year round. Where your conservatory facets meet, ridge caps are installed. Our ridge caps also offer you further variety, as you can choose from a sleek and smooth aluminium or an ‘armadillo’ slate ridge cap to match the colour and texture of your roof slates.



Victorian Conservatory

Victorian conservatories typically feature a 3-bay or 5-bay front, creating a more rounded space with a curved front to allow panoramic view. Whether 3 or 5 bays, a Victorian conservatory is ideal for an UltraRoof. For the front facing bays brown, grey or red slates add an unparalleled level of thermal insulation, which can keep you warm throughout winter yet cool in the summer. The slates are exclusively designed for the UltraRoof system to resist expansion and retraction and they can therefore cracking and splitting. Glass panels can also be incorporated into your UltraRoof within the two rectangular sections of your Victorian conservatory. This allows sky views as well as natural light to flood the space. Each section of your UltraRoof is connected by a sleek aluminium ridge cap, or a traditional ‘armadillo’ ridge cap which can complement your chosen roof slates.

UltraRoof helps you maintain the ideal temperature all year round.

UltraRoof offers outstanding levels of thermal efficiency and manages to overcome the issues of your conservatory being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. This is one of the main reasons behind UltraRoof’s popularity, as homeowners can relax and even entertain guests in their home extension’s all year round. With older conservatories, the typical polycarbonate roof that they feature can struggle to regulate your conservatory’s temperature. Although glass conservatory roofs are an improvement, they do not come close to the thermal efficiency offered with an UltraRoof.

The u-value (heat loss value) of UltraRoofs are only 0.12 W/m²K, making them one of most lightweight and thermally efficient roofing systems available. The addition of glazing panels create an outdoor ambience without taking away from the warmth. To see the u-values of our various glazing, please see our Glazing Options.


A replacement roof with the most advanced technology

UltraRoof is primarily designed to replace existing polycarbonate or glass roofs on a conservatory or extension. The benefits of an UltraRoof are easy to see in terms of comfort and thermal insulation. On top of that, they are surprisingly quick and easy to install. A replacement involves removing the existing roof and then inspecting the windows and doors for structural stability. Once your chosen design is selected, your new roof is prepared to put into place.

During the installation, it’s also an option to replace your doors and windows along with your conservatory roof and just keep your existing base. As well also specialise in windows and doors, we can guarantee complete durability as well as security. If on the other hand, you’d like to change everything, including the shape and size of your conservatory we can help you with a completely new project.

Replacement Roof

A replacement roof is a great way of revitalising your conservatory or home extension without having to pay for a costly new build. An UltraRoof creates a contemporary and stylish look while providing a wealth of practical benefits, such as thermal efficiency and comfort. You can have an UltraRoof installed on top of existing windows, doors and conservatory bases. To help with this process, we will carry out all of the necessary checks to ensure your windows and doors are safe to remain in the structure. It takes a lot less time than you would think to fit an UltraRoof, especially when it is a replacement roof. Your whole UltraRoof can therefore be installed within just one working day.

Frames & Roof

As well as our UltraRoofs, the windows and doors we offer at James Oliver also provide complete security, thermal efficiency and aesthetics of your choosing. For this reason, many homeowners take this opportunity to replace their windows and doors while having their UltraRoof installed. Our windows and doors are available in a variety of colours as well as styles, for example casement or tilt & turn windows, and french or bi-fold doors. The new windows, doors and UltraRoof can be easily fitted to the existing conservatory base. This is not only a quick but also a cost-effective process, as you don’t have to pay for foundations or brickwork.

New Build

If you’d rather opt for a completely new build instead of a replacement roof, UltraRoof is of course suitable for new conservatories or home extensions. You may choose to expand your home or add extensions as an easier alternative to moving to a larger property. Fitting an UltraRoof to a new build project is both quick and easy, reducing the amount of time spent on installation and therefore disruption around your house. Every UltraRoof is pre-assembled during quality control, that means that there will be minimal excess material and waste created on-site, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Find the slate colour to perfectly match your home

Polymer slates make up an UltraRoof because they combine durability, efficiency and of course good looks. On top of this, polymer is very low maintenance and can easily reflect their traditional slates with natural peaks and plateaux. Polymer slates are fitted very quickly to avoid disrupting your day to day life. We install around 12 slates at a time in a colour of your choosing. We have three main colours to choose from, including carbon grey, terra brick (red), and harvest brown, so you can be sure to match them to your home’s roof. You can also alter the ridge caps which connect your roof. For example, there is an ‘armadillo’ style ridge cap or a smooth aluminium ridge cap. Finally, we offer various glass colours for your UltraRoof, such as bronze, aqua and blue.

We have the building regulations sorted.

Because, UltraRoof is an LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland) approved roof system, receive Building Regulations approval is incredibly easy. Should your specific project require approval, we take care of the whole process for you. Our consultants will  talk you through all of the designs and regulations and therefore, act as an intermediary on your behalf. Using Ultraroof means your plans will be accepted quickly and we can start building your ideal conservatory or extension without wait. This way, we can guarantee that your replacement or new build project will comply with legislation so you don’t have to worry about any future stresses.

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